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The full lineup, now with Poison Ivy and Supergirl! Sorry for the slight repost, I think seeing them together makes the overall unifying design elements clearer (like the weird 90’s vibe haha).

Street clothes super heroes/villains!

I love these! They just look so comfortable as characters.

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Mar 5th
Today I witnessed something amazing. Almost in stark contrast to yesterday, today I saw tangible impact of lady-representation in comics.

At the bookstore I work at, we have a dedicated Adventure Time section. This family came in and those kids were SO EXCITED to see their favourite characters in comics. I talked them through each OGN and series compilation, explaining what they all were and in what order they should be read, and this little girl’s entire life was changed. You could see it on her face.

The moment I mentioned Kate Leth (and that, yes, she is a girl.) this little girl’s face lit up like Christmas morning. I don’t know if it just never occurred to her that girls can work in comics but the excitement and wonder that left the store in her was a privilege to see. I ended up selling them the Fionna & Cake’s, all the OGN’s, and an AT doodle book. She left begging her dad to help her learn how to draw Marceline comics. (And he was happy to comply!)

Kate Leth has left an everlasting impression on this little girl just by existing and working in the industry. I honestly hope to someday be able to see such an impact on someone from my own work. Ladies in comics is important. The representation on the page, and behind them, is important. Having a reflection of yourself in the content you enjoy is important. I hope that little girl grows up to be a famous comic author someday.

It was a very good day.

I love stories like this!

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Eric Stanton


Eric Stanton

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you can’t fool me, cat. this chicken is going in the cooler, not your belly.


you can’t fool me, cat. this chicken is going in the cooler, not your belly.

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Superman: Red Son #1, June 2003, cover by Dave Johnson


Superman: Red Son #1, June 2003, cover by Dave Johnson

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Anonymous asked: How do I convince my girlfriend who is cool with all my other nerdy pursuits that wrestling isn't completely terrible? You guys make it sound like a lot of fun to watch.


Get a new girlfriend.

Wait, no, don’t do that. Basing relationship decisions on sarcastic remarks from Tumblr is a super bad idea. So I take it from the way that you phrased your question that you don’t actually watch pro wrestling now but want to start, but your special lady has put the kibosh on that?

Well, assuming that you’re cohabitating and need to work out who gets to watch what on TV, maybe just try to compromise. Give it a month or so, and if the both of you don’t find anything you can both enjoy on Monday Night Raw (note: This is kind of likely, actually), then agree that yours will be a non-grappling household.

Then turn heel and tell her that it doesn’t matter what YOU PEOPLE HERE IN [your city, your state] WANT, BECAUSE THE CHAMP MAKES THE RULES. (Be careful with this last part because she will probably hit you with a chair).

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