War Rocket Ajax #13: Jess Fink on Steampunk Robo-Erotica ‘Chester 5000’ [Podcast]

This week, ComicsAlliance’s podcast is as pleased as it can be to welcome the incredible Jess Fink to the show to talk about Chester 5000 XYV, an erotic tale of Victorian robotics and bare-chested science, newly released in print from Top Shelf! Plus, we have a truly ridiculous amount of Spin Doctors related content — and you can listen to the show right here at ComicsAlliance!

NOTE: We’re in the middle of some server issues, so the iTunes feed may not update on time. Stream it above, or visit to download this week’s episode in mp3 format.

In addition to Jess Fink, Chris and Matt also welcome a pair of special guests to this week’s show: Awesomed By Comics hosts Evie and Aaron, who are celebrating their 150th show this week! They drop by, and as is the case with our show, things quickly get off track with a discussion of the Spin Doctors before coming back around to a brief report on South Carolina’s Cola-Con and a great deal of discussion of the first week of DC’s New 52.

Once Jess arrives, she gives us some insight into how she decided to start doing erotic comics:

I’ve gotten comments before where people are like “Oh, you’re so brave, you’re so brave to draw sex and penises and vaginas and stuff.” I don’t feel like that’s the stuff I’m really brave about, because I always wanted to draw that type of stuff. I was always interested in doing it, and when I was in college, a teacher of mine sort of encouraged me to do it. He told me that I could actually make money for doing stuff for Fantagraphics, and I was like “Oh, I can make money doing it! That would be great!”

So I started doing stuff for Fantagraphics, and then I kind of just decided I’d like to do something that was longer form, maybe put it on the web.

Much more from Jess Fink in the War Rocket Ajax podcast on ComicsAlliance.

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